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Mall of Georgia Service Solutions is proud to offer our Preferred Car Dealer Insurance Program!

Our vast experience insuring car dealers means that you will not only receive outstanding protection, but you’ll also be working with an agent that specializes in protecting car dealers. We know your business, we speak your language we understand the issues facing car dealers and their insurance policies. This is particulalry important because dealers insurance is complicated and few agents understand it well.

Our comprehensive Auto Dealer insurance program includes Garage Liability Insurance of course, but we allow you to add to that: Dealer’s Open Lot Coverage for your inventory, Building and Contents coverage and even Workers Compensation Coverage if needed. Also be sure to ask us about our special feature for your comprehensive deductible. This small, little understood tweak will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars if your lot is hit by a hailstorm.

We offer fantastic car dealers insurance coverage at rates so low you will be surprised, and unlike many companies, we can offer you higher limits.

We understand the unique challenges that you face in your business, and our goal is to help protect your dealership and your inventory as well.

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